The Sneetches and Other Stories

Our rating: ****

Four silly stories by Dr. Seuss about some rather interesting subjects.

The Sneetches, the title story, is about birds. Half have stars on their bellies, the other half don’t. The ones with the stars lord it over the ones without. One day, a man offers to add stars to those with none.

The Zax is a tale of two creatures who won’t budge from their tracks to let the other through.

Too Many Daves is a crazy poem about a woman who named all of her sons Dave.

Finally, What was I Scared of? tells the story of “a pair of walking green pants with nobody inside them.”

This is probably my favorite Seuss book. I’ve always loved The Sneetches, and Too Many Daves is a poem that I can partially recite. Anyway, some great stories.

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