Charlotte’s Web

Our rating: ***

One morning Fern Arable, an eight year-old girl, learned her father was about to kill the runt of the new pig litter. She rushed to stop him and finally Mr. Arable agreed not to harm the pig. Mr. Arable gave the pig to Fern, and she eventually named him Wilbur. However, after a few weeks of happiness together, Mr. Arable told Fern that the pig would have to be sold. Wilbur was getting bigger, along with his appetite, and Mr. Arable wasn’t willing to feed the pig any longer. So Fern sorrowfully sold Wilbur to her Uncle Zuckerman’s farm nearby, where she could go and visit him. However, even with all Fern’s visits, Wilbur became lonely. But a spider named Charlotte was ready to be his friend and would also try to save him from being killed and made into bacon and ham.

A great book. For those who don’t like spiders, this book might help them feel a little more affectionate to the eight-legged insects. Maybe. No guarantees. And all readers should be prepared for a sad and perhaps unexpected part at the end. However, Templeton the rat is rather funny sometimes, and I really like the ending of this book.

3 Responses to “Charlotte’s Web”

  1. There is an animated movie of Charlotte’s Web, which I saw a long time ago, and I seem to remember it being pretty close to the book. I can’t say anything about the new live action movie, though – it’s not out yet.

  2. I’ve seen the live-action version and it’s pretty good. The only difference really is that Fern is more bratty instead of innocent like in the book.

  3. my grand pa goes to ur church and i heart books and so he showed me ur sight it is AWESOME!!!

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