Fudge Factor

Our rating: *****

Austin and Ashley Webster are still stuck in the World Wide Web, only this time with Ms. Mattie Blankenskrean’s handheld computer. With the PDA (the handheld) maybe the kids have a chance at getting back Outside, but Ms. B. is after them to get back her handheld so she can continue erasing faith and Christian-related things on the Internet. Bouncing through Old Testament Stories, World War history, a fudge kitchen, (all digital versions on websites) and more, can Ashley and Austin keep the PDA away from Ms. B., find Applet, and get back home?

There are a few things in Fudge Factor that I don’t appreciate and wish Robert Elmer would have left out. But besides that fact, I like this book very much. It has humor, action, and more Internet fun. As with the other Hyperlinkz books, you can learn a little about various history from different websites Austin and Ashley visit.

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