The Moon Singer

Our rating: ***½

Torr, a young boy, has been abandoned at a miller’s house because his mother can no longer care for him. The miller and his wife adopt the him readily, thinking that Torr will be useful around the mill later in his life. One night, however, the miller and his wife wake up to the sound of Torr singing outside. After being reprimanded for singing in the middle of the night, and maybe waking up the entire village, Torr goes out into the woods to sing. His fame as a singer spreads and he ends up at the queen’s palace. But he cannot sing in her presence, so he is sent back to the village. Torr is driven out of the village, too, and forced to wander.

This is a rather nice story, as Clyde Robert Bulla’s usually are. It’s a little longer than some picture books, but it’s still short. I enjoyed this story very much.

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