Blue Willow

Our rating: ***

Janey Larkin is a ten-year-old girl growing up in the Great Depression. Her one beautiful treasure is a blue willow plate. Her family moves from place to place, looking for work. One day they move into an empty shack and Janey makes friends with a Mexican girl who lives across the road. More and more things happen that make Janey want to stay. But when work gets scarce and with Bounce Reyburn demanding rent, it looks like they will have to move on again.

This book is okay. It’s not one of my favorites. However, it kept me pretty interested near the end. There was one part I didn’t appreciate, however, when Mrs. Larkin says that they can thank the Power that is for what had happened to them, and Janey wonders silently whether she means God or the blue willow plate.

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