Bones of Makaidos Cover Art


Bones of Makaidos cover art!

Bones of Makaidos cover art!











Bryan Davis has posted the cover art for the final book in the Oracles of Fire series! Visit his site to vote for your favorite cover.

6 Responses to “Bones of Makaidos Cover Art”

  1. I love the new cover! It’s beatiful, yet also shows darknes. It shows Dikiados (probably spelled wrong) the horse, the plant of evil, Bonnie, an oracle of fire, two dragons, and exalibur. It shows alot of information!

  2. I thought Bonnie had blonde hair??! The cover is very exciting however!!!

  3. Hey, guys! If you didn’t know, you guys should become members of the message forum we have!

    We talk about the books quite a bit, and Mr. Davis, a personal friend, shows up quite often!

  4. I actually do lurk around the forums a bit, especially when there’s news. Recommended!

  5. Its not Bonnie next to the oricle of fire its gabrial

  6. Actually, Bryan Davis himself has said that it’s Bonnie.

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