Little Lord Fauntleroy

Our rating: *****

To all appearance Cedric Errol is just another young American boy. He lives with his widowed mother in their tiny house and has a great many friends. Mr. Hobbs, the grocer; Dick, the boot-black; and Mary, the maid, all think the world of him. Imagine their surprise when it is discovered that little Ceddie is the only living descendant of the English Earl of Dorincourt. Cedric and his mother are packed off to England to live with Cedric’s grandfather the Earl. But only Cedric is to live with him. The Earl has never forgiven his son for marrying an American, and now he refuses to even meet Cedric’s mother. Can young Cedric win the heart of this grumpy, hating old man and use his sudden good fortune wisely? With his mother’s careful guidance, and his own stout courage, Cedric not only succeeds, but completely conquers.

A charming story. I love that so much fun and good reading can come out of a little paperback bought from one of those used book email loops. To me, that’s one of the measures of a good book. If you can forget that the paper and ink isn’t in the best of shape and enjoy the story, it’s a great story. But I digress. This is a very nice, easy to read story. The characters are memorable, the story sweet, and a good dash of stately comedy is thrown in there for good measure. If you fall asleep during anything but action, skip this book. Unless you’re up for a little stretch, of course. It’s so gentle and enjoyable, I find it well worth reading.

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