The Hundred Dresses

Our rating: ****

Wanda Petronski says that she has a hundred dresses all lined up in her closet. The other girls at her school laugh and make fun of her. Everyone knows that Wanda only has one dress, the faded blue one she wears day after day. One girl, Maddie, wants to stand up for Wanda; but she’s afraid of being picked on also. When Wanda leaves town, it seems impossible that Maddie will ever be able to apologize.

This is quite a story. A great example of why you shouldn’t tease people. You’ll probably end up sorry, but, as in this story, unable to apologize. The writing style is very nice. Eleanor Estes did a great job on her books. I very much recommend that you read this.

Miranda the Great

Our rating: ***

Miranda is a large cat who lives in Ancient Rome. She lives happily with her owners until Rome is invaded by Barbarians. The family packs up and leaves for a country house, leaving Miranda and her daughter hiding in an urn. In the fire that follows, Miranda sets out to find and rescue all the lost cats in Rome before it’s too late!

I liked this book. Eleanor Estes’ style of writing is wonderful. She wrote in a simple way, making it easy for children to read. Don’t let that discourage you, though. Estes’ books are enjoyable to older readers, too.

The Lost Umbrella of Kim Chu

Our rating: ****

Kim Chu takes her father’s special big, black umbrella with her to the library, though her grandmother warned her not to. Kim’s father’s umbrella was presented to him when he won the contest of drawing a dragon. The bamboo handle screws off and inside is an intricate scroll, that says that Mr. Lin Chu (Kim’s father) is the winner. When Kim Chu accidentally leaves the umbrella at the library and quickly returns to find it gone, it’s an adventure/mystery for both Kim Chu and Mae Lee.

A pretty good book, in my opinion. It’s a fairly short book, though not a little picture book. But it’s not as large as The Mysterious Island (which I haven’t read). Enjoy!