The Moffats

Our rating: ****

The Moffats are very happy in their little yellow house on New Dollar Street. One day, a sign is put up saying that the house is for sale. After going to see the owner of the house, Mrs. Moffat discovers that it is not a mistake. While waiting for the house to be sold, the Moffats have many adventures. These include scaring the neighborhood bully, losing the Salvation Army man out of his own wagon and dancing the sailor’s hornpipe with a dog.

This book is a very good beginning to the four-book series about the Moffat family. Each chapter is a different adventure, sometimes only being connected by the main story line. That is not to say that the chapters don’t go together. In fact, ever since I first read the books in the Moffat series, they have been some of my favorite stories. I think that you will enjoy them too.

The Sleeping Giant and Other Stories

Our rating: ****

Three fun stories in one book by Eleanor Estes. The first story is about the Sleeping Giant (three hills) and how it leaves and lies down in the ocean on the International Date Line. The next story is about a girl who lost her shadow. There’s a part in that one that I don’t appreciate, though. And the last story is about a giraffe named Gloria who, unknown to everyone but the occupants’ little girl, lives in a living room after escaping from the zoo.

The Sleeping Giant story is rather fun, because when he lays across the International Date Line, half of him is in today and half of him is in yesterday. So the people living on him move back to yesterday if they wish to avoid something like a dentist appointment.

Pinky Pye

Our rating: ****

The Pye family, complete with Ginger and Gracie, were going to spend the summer on Fire Island! Once there, they find an “abandid” kitten named Pinky. The Pyes decide to keep her. They find out she has unusual talents, such as boxing with Ginger and even typing on their typewriter! Uncle Bennie came to Fire Island with them and develops an interest in crickets and grasshoppers. He starts keeping them as pets and Rachel will put them, inside their cricket and or grasshopper box, up in the eaves. But when they start disappearing… what’s up?

This is a great book. You can probably guess what’s up, so I didn’t categorize it as a mystery. Still, Pinky’s cute and I like the epilogue.

A Little Oven

Our rating: ***

Genevieve came to Connecticut from France. Helena came from California. The two became friends and often played together. Every day, when Helena was tired, her mother would pick her up and say, “I guess what you need is a little loving and a little hugging.” When Genevieve went home, she would ask her mother for “a little ‘ovin’ and a little ‘uggin.” Her mother thought Genevieve meant a little oven, so one day she takes her to different stores to shop for a little oven.

A pretty good book. At one point, Helena, who’s from California, says she chews in French, and Genevieve, who’s from France, says she chews in English. Hmm. Well, you can see our Book Tips page for tips on how to find out of print books. Enjoy!

The Middle Moffat

Our rating: ****

Sylvie is “the oldest child,” Joey is “the oldest son,” Rufus is “the baby in the family,” but Jane is just Jane. So, Jane decides to become the middle Moffat.

This book is kind of hard to write a summary for. A lot of things happen in The Middle Moffat. This is the second book in the series about the Moffats. A pretty good book, in my opinion.