Logic’s End

Our rating: ***

NASA has discovered a planet that is so similar to Earth that it is believed to be capable of supporting life. Rebecca, an evolutionist scientist who helped make the discovery, is chosen to join a mission to visit the planet. But upon arrival, Rebecca is separated from her team and kidnapped by a group of aliens who live only for themselves and the furthering of evolution. Will she be able rejoin her team and make it back to Earth?

Logic’s End is a well-told story that is certainly a page-turner. Keith Robinson is to be commended for that. That said, the goal of the book appears to be to prove that creation is true and evolution is false. Unfortunately, because of the way the story, characters, and facts are presented, Logic’s End succeeds only in preaching to the choir. If you’re looking for a book to convince someone that evolution is false, this is likely not a good choice. But to strengthen your own belief, or even to plant a seed in an unbeliever’s life, Logic’s End is an excellent read.