The Peterkin Papers

Our rating: ***½

One day, Mrs. Peterkin discovers that she has put salt in her coffee by mistake. She can’t drink it this way, so her family consults several people in the hopes that one of them can fix the coffee. However, all of these people only make the coffee worse. Then one of the Peterkins remembers that there is a wise lady from Philadelphia in town who might be able to help.

This is only the first of many silly escapades in the The Peterkin Papers. The Peterkins also try to go for a drive, but the horse won’t move. They try to summon the telegraph boy and end up calling the fire department. Each chapter is a different story about the Peterkins’ mishaps. All of them are funny in varying degrees. The Peterkin Papers is just the book to enjoy when you feel the need for a good laugh.