Lion Hound

Our rating: ***½

When a huge mountain lion begins bringing danger to the ranchers and tourists, it’s up to Jake Kane and his young friend Johnny to catch him. With the aid of his pack of hounds, Jake sets out to bag this lion, but it’s not as easy as he thought it would be. The lion is crafty, and not prone to panic. Jake needs all the help he can get from his hounds, but even that might not be enough to succeed.

I must say, one of the plot twists is very unexpected, not to mention gloomy. In case you’re wondering, yes, even though the book is mainly about Jake and Johnny, a dog does figure prominently in it. Buck, a young hound, (one of Jake’s “Kane hounds”) plays a very important role.

Brighty of the Grand Canyon

Our rating: ***

Brighty, short for Bright Angel, is a burro who roams the Grand Canyon by day, returning each evening to his miner friend, Old Timer. But one day, Brighty’s friend is murdered by a man named Jake Irons, who found out about a rich mine from him. Greedy and tricky, Irons hides where the sheriff can’t find him. So it’s up to Brighty with the help of Uncle Jim, a friend of Old Timer, to catch the man and bring him to justice.

This book is a very good read. Marguerite Henry takes history (Theodore Roosevelt is in it, for example) and adds fiction, making it very enjoyable story. There’s even a gunfight at the end!