Flap Your Wings

Our rating: ***

One day, a boy finds an egg lying in the path. He sees a nest nearby and decides to put the egg into it. Later, Mr. and Mrs. Bird are quite surprised when they come back to find a very large egg in their nest. Nevertheless, they take care of the egg until it hatches into… Well, you’ll find out.

A humorous tale, accompanied by P. D. Eastman’s excellent illustrations. I found it rather difficult to read aloud, as the sentences tend to be very short, but it would probably be enjoyable for a beginning reader. Overall, a fun book, but I think I like The Best Nest better.

Are You My Mother?

Our rating: *****

When a mother bird leaves her egg to look for some food, the baby bird hatches and goes on a search to find his mother, even though he doesn’t know what she looks like. He meets a kitten, then a hen, a dog, a cow, a car, a boat, an airplane, and a big thing. But where is his mother?

This book is fun to read aloud but is also good for beginning readers. A five-star picture book.