Chester Cricket’s Pigeon Ride

Our rating: *

While staying in Times Square, Chester visits many different places with his human friend Mario. Unfortunately, Chester becomes victim to an acute attack of homesickness and decides to take a short hop as far as Tucker’s home, but loses his way and has several interesting adventures. From crossing Broadway to falling off the Empire State Building, Chester Cricket has the ride of his life.

A fun book. It’s a little distressing when he’s smashed flat . . . Just kidding! I only gave it one star because it’s okay if you’re looking for a quick, easy read. This is the sort of book that you read when you have a little snack to eat and you wanted to eat it while reading something mildly interesting. It’s also light enough to enable you to look and see where you’re putting your food, instead of being visually glued to the page. Enjoy, and munch in relative safety.

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