The Garden Behind the Moon

Our rating: ***

This is the story of David, a boy who is considered to be a Moon-Calf by everyone in the village. When David’s friend, Hans Krout the Cobbler, tells David about his journeys up the moon-path, David wants to try it too. After a few attempts, David travels up the moon path to the moon, meets the Man-in-the-Moon and the Moon Angel, and also spends time in the Gardens Behind the Moon. Finally, David is sent on a mission to recover the Wonder-Box and the Know-all Book from the Iron Man.

This is a fun, easy book. Well, maybe not so easy. Half the time I have no clue what Howard Pyle’s talking about. This would be a considered a classic sort of fairytale, because, of course, David marries the princess at the end and has exciting adventures, but it’s still a very enjoyable story. So get out there and enjoy it!

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