The Last Battle

Our rating: ****

Eustace and Jill return to Narnia! This time, Aslan has been absent for a long while, but reports have come to King Tirian and his unicorn Jewel that Aslan has returned. Then a wise centuar tells them that this Aslan is a fake! Tirian tries to stop him, but ends up captured by the Calormens. Eustace and Jill must rescue the king and his unicorn and expose the false Aslan before it’s too late.

Sad to say, this book ends The Chronicles of Narnia. The battle at the end is great (it goes on for a few chapters). There are several sad parts, but of course, all comes right in the end. I think that this is a fitting end to the series, but I wish that C. S. Lewis had written more.

3 Responses to “The Last Battle”

  1. I enjoy this book a lot! I like the part in the beginning with Puzzle. :-)

  2. The evil Shift, the last king, the battle, the excitment, a trully wonderful book.

  3. Though scary when one thinks of what the allegories mean, this and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe along with The Horse and His Boy are the best in the series.

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