The Long Patrol

Our rating: *****

Young Tamello De Fformelo Tussock dreams of joining the Long Patrol, a group of trained fighting hares who serve Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, the badger ruler of Salamandastron. When Russa Nodrey, a traveling squirrel, visits Camp Tussock, Tammo’s mother, Mem Devinia, helps Tammo to run away with Russa to join the Long Patrol, despite Tammo’s father’s wishes. Meanwhile, Damug Warfang and his Rapscallion horde are making their way towards Redwall Abbey. Redwall’s defenses are down and they need the Long Patrol’s help.

I believe this is the shortest book of the Redwall series, but still quite good. It’s unique in that it follows Tammo and the Long Patrol all throughout the story, giving you time to get to know all the hares in it. It does, of course, flip between the plots like in all the others. Well, let’s hear it for the Long Patrol! Eulalia!

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  1. Tammo makes a great hero, but I’d like to see Brian Jacques write a Redwall book with a mole as the hero someday.

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