Freddy goes to the North Pole

Our rating: *½

After the Bean animals return from their famous trip to Florida, the other animals want to give traveling a try. Freddy decides to start Barnyard Tours Inc., a company that organizes special tours for different groups of animals. Soon, Freddy begins to plan the trip of a lifetime: a journey to the North Pole. As the animal explorers travel north, they encounter many adventures including a visit to Santa Claus where some well-meaning sailors are trying to systematize the toy production.

Of all the Freddy books, I think this is my least favorite. The writing style is inconsistent and sometimes confusing. The plot line seems poorly developed as well. Overall, I don’t consider this book an essential to the Freddy collection.

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  1. I liked this one better than Freddy Goes to Florida, but I agree with the part about the writing style being inconsistent.

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