Freddy the Cowboy

Our rating: *****

Cal Flint is a cowboy, who starts a ranch near the Bean Farm. Forced to buy Cal’s horse Cy, so that Cal won’t beat Cy to death, Freddy thinks he has a bad deal. But then Cy teaches Freddy how to ride, and the fun begins! Then Cal gets mad, because Freddy can ride a horse that he couldn’t stay on. He’s out to shoot Freddy and rob the First Animal Bank, but Freddy and his friends have a few tricks up their sleeves…

While I was reading Freddy the Cowboy, I was prepared to say that it wasn’t as good as some of the others. However, when you get to the last five chapters, the books really starts to get exciting! That makes up for the slower beginning. Also a good book to read, Freddy Rides Again contains more of Freddy’s adventures as a cowboy.

2 Responses to “Freddy the Cowboy”

  1. I’ve read Freddy Rides Again, which is fun, but haven’t read this one yet. Hopefully sometime I will.

  2. I just read this one, Mom got 2 more Freddy books so I’m waiting for heather to HURRY and finish the other one. Anyway, Jinx was finnally… Shrunk down to size!

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