Our rating: *****

Mara, the young badger whom Lord Urthstripe adopted, is not content with her life at Salamandastron, the great badger mountain. So she runs away with her good friend, Pikkle Ffolger, an over-enthusiastic hare. Lord Urthstripe is grieved when he learns this, but even more so when the runaways return with two vermin, a ferret and a weasel, who, unbeknownst to Mara and Pikkle, are part of the great horde of the evil weasel, Feragho the Assassin! After scouting out the mountain fortress, the vermin return to their horde to report their discoveries and begin the march to conquer Salamandastron. While all this is going on, back at Redwall, the sword of Martin the Warrior is discovered and, shortly after, stolen. Arula the mole and Samkin the squirrel set off on a quest involving many adventures to regain the sword.

I love this book very much. (And, let’s be frank about it: I have a hard time reading it without crying.). It’s a wonderful tale of hope, strength, and sorrow, bound together by friendship.

2 Responses to “Salamandastron”

  1. I agree. Very sad ending. But very good.

  2. one of his best…i cried but i loved it i couldnt imagine it any other way now cuz i think thats what made me love it so much if u get what i mean…

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