The Castle of Llyr

Our rating: ****

The Princess Eilonwy must go to the island of Mona to learn how to be a proper lady, and she doesn’t like it one bit. Taran and Gurgi accompany her to Mona and find that the clumsy Prince Rhun is to marry Eilonwy when she is trained properly. Then the chief steward to the king of Mona, Magg, disappears along with Eilonwy, accompanied by warnings by Prince Gwydion that the princess is in dire peril. Along with Fflewdder Fflam, Prince Rhun and Gurgi, Taran sets out to rescue Eilonwy before it’s too late.

I enjoyed this book the most of all the Prydain series. Prince Rhun drags Taran and his friends into adventure after adventure. Fflewdder’s meeting with Llyan is hilarious, and Prince Rhun’s mishaps are always humorous. The ending is exciting and the reader is left wanting to read the next Chronicle of Prydain.

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