Our rating: *****

Riftgard has been taken over by the evil ferrets who have imprisoned and enslaved the woodlanders living there. Triss the squirrel, Welfo the hedgehog and Shogg the otter are secretly planning to escape. Simultaneously, the badger Lord Hightor’s son, Sagaxus and the hare Bescarum run off to seek adventure with the sea otter Kroova Wavedog. And to top it all off, Redwallers are on the trail of rediscovering Brockhall. This is wonderful story. A definite must-read.

This is absolutely one of my favorite Redwall books. I couldn’t tell you anymore in the review without giving things away. But please read it and find out how it ends! There’s plenty of humor. Bescarum, (affectionately called Scarum) has some hilarious songs that he sings. Which you can expect from practically any hare. Lots of duels and fighting. Some large adders and a bunch of free-booters. Please excuse me. I want to go read it now.

2 Responses to “Triss”

  1. This one rates lower on my list. I mean, after all, Triss is a Sword Maiden and she never gets into any big fights!

  2. I’m afraid Bescarum got somewhat on my nerves. Also, the mystery/suspense with the “three-headed dragon” was rather spoiled as it had already mentioned what the creatures were on the map at the beginning of the book… Not one of my favorites, but still good.

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