A Christmas Carol

Our rating: *****

Mr. Scrooge hates Christmas and calls it a humbug. He thinks nobody should be allowed to celebrate and makes life miserable for Bob Cratchit, his clerk. Then his dead partner’s ghost appears to him and tells him that he will be haunted by three spirits, as a final chance for him to change his wicked ways.

Dickens is a fine storyteller, if you can understand what he’s saying. Fortunately, in A Christmas Carol you can! He writes as if he’s telling you the story, so he pauses every now and then to explain little details, or to comment on things. A great read out loud book, if read properly. If you’ve seen the movie, why not read the book this year? By the way, if you want to see a movie version, we’ve found that the Patrick Stewart version stays closest to the book.

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