By the Great Horn Spoon!

Our rating: *****

Jack and his aunt’s butler Praiseworthy are stowaways on a ship headed for gold territory. They try to be honest stowaways and present themselves to the captain, who puts them to work tending the steam boiler. Captain Swain is not happy, as he is in a race with another steam ship, with heavy bets on both sides. And once they reach gold country, what will Praiseworthy do when he accidentally acquires a reputation as a fighter, and is challenged by The Mountain Ox, the roughest, toughest gold miner in California?

Sid Fleischman writes a good yarn, while making parts of it believable. Just about every page has some joke to it. Praiseworthy is a great mastermind, and Jack is always willing to go along. The ending may surprise you. There’s an interesting plot twist in there.

4 Responses to “By the Great Horn Spoon!”

  1. I LOVE PRAISEWORTHY! Did you hear about the movie? Praiseworthy’s name is Griffin! The horror!

  2. SURPRISING ENDING? I knew Praiseworthy would marry Arabella the first time they mentioned her. I wasn’t surprised. BUT I LOVE PRAISEWORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is the most adventurous book and the ending wasn’t surprising it was totally predictable

  4. Great book and great movie, visit my website and tell me what you think :)

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