Five Children and It

Our rating: ***½

Cyril, Anthea, Jane, and Robert are all looking forward to vacationing in the country with their family, but no sooner do they arrive but they find a sand fairy, or Psammead, as he calls himself, who consents to give them a wish every day. Adventures follow, of course, and the children begin to discover that not all their wishes are what they anticipated.

Told in the usual, British, E. Nesbit style, I pull this book out now and then to enjoy. Most of the chapters cover a new wish every day, so there is a lot of variety, even if there isn’t really a driving, overall story.

You can also buy Five Children and It from Amazon in the United Kingdom and Canada.

2 Responses to “Five Children and It”

  1. I have read Five Children and It several times. I’ve enjoyed it for many years. Its sequels are also very good.

  2. I really liked this book and the “IT”‘s bad temper He’s a goof.

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