The Bronze Bow

Our rating: *****

After Daniel’s father is murdered by the Romans, Daniel dedicates his life to one thing: revenge against the Romans. He joins a band of outlaws living in the mountains who are plotting to overthrow the Romans and does everything he possibly can to satisfy his hatred. Meanwhile, in nearby Capernaum, a rabbi is teaching a different lesson: love. Daniel is confused by the words of Jesus of Nazareth, while still wondering if this could be the promised Messiah. The Messiah he had been hoping and waiting for was one who could conquer the Romans and drive them away. Could Jesus really be the Messiah? And how can love conquer over hatred?

This is one of my favorites of Elizabeth George Speare’s. The characters are portrayed with great depth and emotion, making them seem very real, and I found the story to be so extremely interesting that I couldn’t put it down. I definitely recommend this one as a powerful book.

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