The Lost Princess of Oz

Our rating: ****

There is trouble in the land of Oz. Cayke the Cookie Cook’s magic gold dishpan, the Wizard’s black bag, Ozma’s magic picture and Glinda’s Great Book of Records have been stolen, and more than that, even Ozma herself has vanished. Cayke and the frogman set out to find the dishpan, and a large party from the Emerald City, including Dorothy, the Wizard, Trot, Button-Bright, the sawhorse, the cowardly lion, the patchwork girl and many others, begin their search to locate the person responsible for these thefts.

I would rank this as a pretty good Oz book. I don’t like it as much as Rinkitink in Oz, but I think that’s no reason for not reading it. As the Oz books have a style of their own, I would not recommend reading one of the Redwall books or Lord of Rings the day before you read an Oz book. The transition in style is rather abrupt!

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