The Scarecrow of Oz

Our rating: *****

Trot, Cap’n Bill, and an Ork, by way of a tunnel, find themselves on an island, on which lives Pessim, a grumpy little man. Then they are flown to the Land of Mo, where it snows popcorn and rains lemonade! Eventualy, they arrive in Jinxland, which is in the Quadling country of Oz, but separated by a row of mountains. There they, with the aid of the Scarecrow, defeat Blinkie the witch, Googly-goo, and King Krewel and Jinxland appoints a new king and queen.

I like this book. Button-Bright is also in this one! Enjoy!

You can also buy The Scarecrow of Oz from Amazon in the United Kingdom and Canada.

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  1. Button-Bright is a very fun character!

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