The Magical Land of Noom

Our rating: ****

When Johnny and Janey build a flying machine out of some old boards, they plan to take a pretend trip to the moon. Mysteriously enough, the flying machine actually begins to fly and before they can stop it, they end up on the side of the moon that doesn’t face earth, the Land of Noom (moon backwards). Upon arriving, they discover that old Jingles the Magician has kidnapped the beautiful Princess of Nite. Janey and Johnny promptly set out to find the princess and return her to her throne. They encounter many adventures along the way, including the magic boxing gloves, the Queer Horse, the Soft-Voiced Cow, Mr. Tiptoe and many others.

This is an fun little fantasy book intended for younger readers, but I find it to enjoyable for all ages. The writing style is very similar to L. Frank Baum, famous author of the Oz books.

2 Responses to “The Magical Land of Noom”

  1. I like this one. Good book.

  2. I really enjoyed this book and your website!

    It has a well weaved plot.

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