The Magic Hill

Our rating: *****

The king and queen have lots of boys, and the king wishes they had a girl. At first he had been happy to have a son, but there were so many, — well, he’d like to have a girl. One day, the queen gives birth to a girl, and she is named Daffodil. The good fairy Mumruffin casts a spell over her so that wherever the princess walks, flowers shall grow. By the time Daffodil has learned to walk, everyone has forgotten about the spell. But the king remembers when he finds his favorite courtyard dotted with flowers. Daffodil is no longer allowed to walk on paths. She must either ride or walk on the grass. But when the doctor orders that she be given exercise, what will the royal family do?

This is a good book. Please read it! This book is by the same author as the Winnie the Pooh Series… A. A. Milne! And no, no characters from Winnie the Pooh make surprise appearances in the story of The Magic Hill.

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