The Black Stallion’s Blood Bay Colt

Our rating: ***

Jimmy Creech, owner of the mare “Volo Queen,” is awaiting the arrival of the Queen’s foal. Jimmy, his friend George Snedecker, and a young boy named Tom, hope that this foal will become a famous horse. Sired by the Black Stallion, the colt turns out to be all they hoped for, but when Jimmy’s stomach pains grow worse, racing the colt becomes their last hope for the money they need to pay for Jimmy’s doctor bills.

Wonderful! The huge race at the end is heart-pounding action clear through. Walter Farley gives his characters such depth in this story, you feel like you know them. Tom’s Aunt Emma and Uncle Wilmer are funny. Overall, I like this one very much. It’s one of the better Black Stallion books, in fact, one of my favorites, after The Horse Tamer and The Black Stallion.

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