How to Choose Your Dragon

Our rating: *****

When Melissa’s Uncle Fred receives some very unusual eggs for his pet shop, they prove to be lots and lots of different dragons! Melissa agrees to take them home and document their likes, dislikes, and general behaviors. For example, the Nidgets are rather timid and find comfort with small, round objects, the Dweebs tend to be a bit destructive, the Floaters are very useful in housecleaning, the Camos will eat everything in sight, and so on…

Wonderful! Find this book right away and read it! The dragons are so funny, and the illustrations are excellent. You may enjoy the special bonus of the dragons’ “latin names” in the end of the book. The Camos’ is “Gluetenous Fridgidarium.” Unfortunately, How to Choose Your Dragon is out of print, but you should check your library—they might just have it!

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  1. I agree! A great book.

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