The Land of Oz

Our rating: ****

Tip has lived with Mombi the witch for as long as he can remember, and she works him like a slave. One day, to scare her, Tip makes a man with a pumpkin head and sets it up on the road where Mombi will pass on her way home. But Mombi has just bought some powder of life, and decides to try it out. And so Jack Pumpkin Head comes to life! When Mombi decides to turn Tip into a statue and enslave Jack instead, Tip takes Jack and runs away.

Being the second book in the Oz series, The Land of Oz introduces several new characters. There’s The Sawhorse, Mr. H. M. Wogglebug T. E., and many others. This takes place during The Scarecrow’s reign in Oz, which is very interesting. Delightfully silly, The Land of Oz is full of puns, wordplays, and just plain silliness. Plus, the ending takes an exciting twist, which nobody will expect.

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