Our rating: ***

Pepe has tended his family’s twenty-four goats ever since a tigre killed his father. Now, after four years, the Tigre has struck again. The oldest man in the village, Uncle Ruiz, predicts more bad luck, and soon Pepe must decide who and what to believe. Sam Jackson, a visiting “Norteamarican” becomes friends with Pepe as they attempt the very dangerous task of killing the Tigre. But, unfortunately, Uncle Ruiz begins spreading the rumor that Sam is an evil spirit, and must leave. Can Sam and Pepe bag the Tigre before it’s too late?

This book makes quite an interesting read. The superstitions Uncle Ruiz has are very eye opening. Pepe has a friend goat, Brother Goat, who is always on the look out to knock someone over, but is really very gentle. I like how Pepe’s highest dreams are owning thirty-six or forty-eight goats, and, after the Tigre’s reappearance, a gun like the “Norteamaricanos” use.

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