Our rating: *****

After three years of training, Bardon is on his way to his sabbatical to prepare for knighthood. His plans are interrupted, however, by N’Rae and Granny Kye, who want his help rescuing several knights who will die if the spell they are under is not broken in time. This is more easily said than done, but Bardon agrees, and joined by Holt Haddok, Bromptotterpindosset, Jue Seeno, and others, they set off to break the spell.

The third book in the DragonKeeper series is a bit different. The whole book follows Bardon, and Kale doesn’t show her face until the final quarter of the book. I found myself missing the cute minor dragons, but Bardon’s swashbuckling made up for their absence. Bardon’s dragon, Greer, is very fun. Donita K. Paul has another winner!

3 Responses to “DragonKnight”

  1. A wonderful book! I got it the day after it was published and read the whole thing in one sitting for four and a half hours straight. It’s sitting on my shelf now right next to DragonSpell and DragonQuest.

  2. I recently re-read DragonKnight, and discovered that Regidor inspires me to theatrics. :-)

  3. […] years after DragonKnight, Kale and Bardon, now married, emerge from The Bogs to find Amara in upheaval. Crim Cropper and […]

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