Knight’s Castle

Our rating: ****

When Roger and his sister Ann learn that they must stay with their cousins Jack and Eliza while Roger and Ann’s father has an operation, they are less than thrilled. Roger packs up all his toy soldiers in preparation for the stay with his bossy cousins Eliza and Jack, who loves photography. On the train ride, one of Roger’s knights comes to life for a little while during the night. Roger wants the knight to cure his father, but the knight says that wishes must be earned. Once Roger and Ann are at their cousins’s house, a series of three magical adventures keep them busy with characters from Ivanhoe, Robin Hood, and whatever else may come along.

This is a fun book. The whole concept behind the magic adventures and the way it works is interesting. A funny take on modern meets medieval.

One Response to “Knight’s Castle”

  1. 5/5 A great book, I love all of this authors ones. I also liked the part near the end when they tried to take a picture, and it didn’t come out “because she let some light in”, but I think theres another reason for it al together.

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