Voyage of Slaves

Our rating: *****

Ben and his black Labrador, Ned, becalmed in the Mediterranean Sea, are captured by Arabian slavers. Ned is thrown overboard and left to drown, but he tries to follow his master. Ben and three other young people are sold to Al Misurata, the most feared pirate on the Barbary Coast. Ben creates a strange fascination for Al Misurata, but when Ben speaks out against the pirate’s approval of slavery, he finds himself in very deep trouble. Meanwhile, the almost-drowned Ned is rescued by Herr Otto Kassel, the strongman in the traveling Rizzoli troupe. Fortunately, Al Misurata’s men capture the troupe, reuniting Ben and Ned. Al Misurata keeps up a pretense of just wanting to help the Rizzoli troupe, but Ned uncovers a plot to sell the troupe as slaves. Ben and his faithful hound determine to help the Rizzolis at whatever cost.

Hold onto your hats, friends, this is quite a tale. Like all Brian Jacques’ books, it is packed full of humor, memorable characters and rip-roaring, swashbuckling, edge-of-your-chair adventure. The review only tells about half of the story. So many things happen during Ben’s efforts to save the troupe! Pirates, smugglers, spies, raiders, a shark… This is a great addition to Castaways of the Flying Dutchman and The Angel’s Command.

4 Responses to “Voyage of Slaves”

  1. Whoa, yeah! This is my second favorite Castaways book.

  2. Of all the Flying Dutchman books this HAS to have the best personality profiling of them all! The vivid charecters and stunning dialouge along with Jaques British humour makes this book a voayge you’ll remember! And if you like stories which leave you in tears whether for joy or sorrow, you will most definitely like this book.

  3. To sum up, I’d say this: Brian Jacques can certainly spin a tale!

  4. i cant wait i cant wait i JUST CANT WAIT to read this!!! i havta buy it soon

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