Henner’s Lydia

Our rating: ***

Lydia, a girl in an Amish family, wants to go to Lancaster with her father like her older brother and sister. She can go as soon as her hooked rug is finished, but after a certain disaster I won’t mention so it isn’t spoiled, Lydia feels her chances are ruined for a long time.

This is a fairly short book with a fairly simple plot with fairly interesting speech. In regard to the latter, the Amish speak a mixture of German and English. I suppose this book might be hard to read aloud with their kind of talk, but I think it might make a good read aloud otherwise. Henner’s Lydia might be aimed for children younger than I am, but it’s alright. Not one of my favorites, though. If you’re looking for a simple, somewhat educational book to relax with, this book might be for you!

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