The Rise of the Wyrm Lord

Our rating: ****

At his first day in the new school, Aidan meets a girl by the name of Antoinette, who, he discovers, believes in King Eliam, but has never been to the Realm. She confides to Aidan that she’s been having nightmares lately, which Aidan believes is a sign of King Eliam calling her to the Realm. Mindful of his friend Robby, Aidan asks her to find Robby’s Glimpse and try to make him see the truth. Antoinette’s parents, who also believe, agree that she may go, and Antoinette journeys through the Door Within to face a danger greater than any of them imagined.
Paragor has not lessened his dark designs and is at work unleashing an evil, held captive since long ago. Antoinette is chosen to be the Twelfth Knight on a mission to convince Yewland’s queen that breaking an alliance with King Eliam would be fatal. They travel to Yewland only to discover the enemy has not wasted his time. The leader of the Knights decides they must warn another kingdom, but Antoinette has found Robby’s Glimpse. Lord Kearn, one of Paragor’s chief servants. She decides to disobey the knights and try to talk to Kearn. A choice that leads to a disaster only King Eliam can right.

I enjoyed this book immensely. I whipped through it in two days flat. Actually, a day and a half, then I read the third one in a second half of the second day. (How was that for confusing?) There’s a lot of action, and it felt very real as I read it. The characters weren’t cheesy or overplayed. In fact, I would find myself cheering them on or getting frustrated at Antoinette for her disobedience. Some of the fight sequences were a little more on the—how do I say this?—messy side of things. Let me see, what else might you want to know… The new badguys are very creepy, Yewland is pretty cool. Oh, and if anyone panics when Antoinette goes after Kearn, don’t worry. Nothing drastic happens, although I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.

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  1. i absolutly loved this book!!! im in jinor high and i found this book by accedent….but when i started to read……it caught my attention on the first page!!!


  2. ok i dont like reading alot and when i read this im like yes i found a wonderful book to read…….1 of my other favorite books is the call of the wild…..
    but anyway i found these books very, well interesting….XD…:D

  3. one of the best books I have ever read read. A must read for fantasy lovers

  4. Eep!! I could not put this book down, no matter how hard I tried. I believe I read it in an afternoon. It held even more messages than the first, but I never felt like I was being preached at or hit over the head with a hammer. (Well, I might have felt like I was being hit over the head by a hammer, but that was out of sympathy for those unfortunate enough to meet with a certain character.) Please read this book. And the one after it. And all of Mr. Batson’s books, present and future!

  5. The Rise of the Wyrm Lord is a great epic story for anyone who likes Lord of the Rings. It’s one of the greatest fantasy novels written in the 21st century.

  6. This book is by far one of the best books i have ever read in my lifetime. Aidan Thomas meets a girl who seems familiar to her on the first day of school. She is a believer her name is Antoinette Reed. She too is called by King Elaim on a new mission. Can she be able to withstand this new weapon made by Paragor or will she fail? Buy this book and find out…

  7. After finishing the first book of the Door Within Trilogy, you will eagerly wait to read the Rise of the Wyrm Lord. As he daringly throws a new main character into the mystical world that he has concocted, Wayne Batson offers an almost brand new beginning, as well as a completely different view of everything. Following along the treacherous path, you will sometimes cheer for the characters and other times wonder what in the world they are doing. And usually, you will feel as if you are learning and adventuring right along with everyone in the book. And once again, the book will be glued to your hands as you soar through the adventures.

  8. A great sequel to the first in this series. After returning back to his world, Aidan Thomas meets a strikingly familar girl at school, and later on finds out why she seems so familiar. Antionette (the girl) who believes in the Realm is called to go help the kingdom of Alleble against a new threat: the Wyrm Lord, which the evil Paragor is ready to unleash! This book is better than the first (which was still great btw!), and brings out some more villians and builds up the plot of the series.

  9. The Rise of the Wyrm Lord is the second in a trilogy of fantasy books for middle-age readers. If your kids are fans of C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia, they (and maybe even you) will probably love these books as well. The story is not too hard to follow, but is still masterfully woven together. The characters are very lovable and reading about their friendly antics is quite entertaining. It has great moral lessons and doesn’t include the inappropriate material other books in this age group may have. The spiritual undertones in the book can be very much appreciated by believers, and maybe get unbelievers asking questions about God. This book is a wonderful fantasy tale that’s perfect for kids from middle school to adult!

  10. Rise of the Wyrm Lord

    In the second part of the The Door Within trilogy, Aiden Thomas is again on a quest to spread King Eliam pure message. Antoinette Reed, Aiden’s new friend, is called to Alleble, so Aiden asks her to find Robby’s glimpse. Further complicating the plot and drawing us deeper into this rich story. Paragor has found something new and powerful to use for the destruction of Alleble. The characters are so dynamic and well articulated, you can’t help to hope to meet them some day. What an awesome message entwined within this wonderful and beautifully crafted world.

  11. The second book in The Door Within Trilogy, The Rise of the Wrym Lord is an amazing, heart-pounding sequel, filled with new characters, action, and suspense. Don’t miss out!

  12. I loved Rise of the Wyrm Lord! This second installment of The Door Within Trilogy was full of excitement and surprises…

    Aidan makes a new friend at school named Antoinette Reed, who is also a believer in Alleble. She is soon called to The Realm and trained as the Twelfth Knight. She meets many of Aidan’s friends like Mallik, Nock and Kaliam and travels with them to the forest kingdom of Yewland. First though, they must cross through the dangerous Blackwood where ancient legends of the terrible Seven Sleepers are proven true. And they discover that Paragor has discovered a weapon that could wipe out the city of Alleble: the Wyrm Lord. The Alleb knights race to stop him from unleashing the firstborn dragon, but will they make it in time?

  13. Most people probably wouldn’t think of the book as far as the art work goes. I like how there isn’t any art work of the characters or any of the places, that way you can really let your imagination take over in your own way.

  14. If you enjoyed the Door Within, you will LOVE Rise of the Wyrm Lord!
    I really liked the character of Antoinette and sometimes it was hard to remember that she was not a real person!
    Fantasy is my favorite genre but I have had a very hard time finding a story that was not dark… The Rise of the Wyrm Lord was exactly what I needed.
    This is one of my favorite Christian fantasy stories and I would highly recommend it!

  15. As soon as I finished the first book in the series, I was anxiously anticipating getting the second. I’ll admit I had my doubts…being a newer fan to the fantasy genre, I wasn’t sure how a female would work in the stereotypical “male spot” of protagonist, so profoundly common throughout the genre. Again, I will admit to you that I was surprised by how well it played out. In real life, gender shouldn’t/doesn’t make a difference. Historically, though, as a general rule in literature, there are very few female adventurous heroes. Batson’s Antoinette was a hard-edged, willing hero, made ready for her quest by quick wit and an already-established area of expertise. The story wasn’t about a girl who became a heroine, it was about a heroine who was committed to honoring her word to the end.

    The thing that I enjoyed most about the book was that while there were many characters returning to the pages, the story was incredibly different from The Door Within. Different people groups were introduced, and with them, their cultures, each to be appreciated for their individuality and revered for their traditions. I felt that this aspect of the book lent itself to the idea that God sees no colors and values each of his children the same; each one of us should be appreciate for who we are in God’s great creation, not judged by the insignificant traits that make us different.

    Additionally, the awakening of mind-boggling monsters that need to be thwarted also made for great reading. The characters’ struggle to wrap their heads around what was once thought to be legend, but what turns out to be truth is reminiscent of situations that all of us have faced in life: while no one in our lifetimes have had to face anything like the Wyrm Lord, most of us have struggled with the realization of truth. It was easy to identify with the characters as they began to piece together the truth of what they were up against.

    I think this book could play a very large role in the life of girls. There is never any inkling of the “I’m just a girl…I can’t do that” mentality that can bind so many young women. It is empowering. If this book were to end up in the hands of a girl who needs an example of a strong, faithful, ready-for-action young lady, it could make a life-long difference to her…Antoinette is the kind of character who can be looked up in that regard.

    Age recommendations:
    Children reading the book alone: 11 years
    Children reading with a parent: 9 years

    Faith affirming/spiritual message (1-10):
    10 – Not only is this book written with action and adventure, it has great examples of a spectrum of spiritual principles.

    Overall Rating (1-10 scale):
    9 – This book is a page turner that has many obvious lessons that the targeted age group need to experience.

    Would you find this in my personal library?
    ABSOLUTELY! It has a permanent place in my bookshelf.

    Would you find this in my classroom library?
    Yes. It is a great that could possibly empower young ladies to reach beyond what they thing they’re capable of.

  16. The second in The Door Within Trilogy is even better than the first. Instead of Aiden as the main protagonist, Antoinette (Gwenne’s glimpse) is the heroine. In direct contrast to Aiden, at the beginning of this story Antoinette is looking for a way to enter the door within to help the kingdom of Alleble in their time of need. Paragor’s armies are amassing with the Wyrm Lord in their head. When she meets Aiden in an art class, Wayne Thomas Batson’ story is lifted out of the boundaries of mere words. With his trademark action packed, lightning-paced writing takes you to a place you won’t want to leave.

  17. The Rise of the Wyrm Lord, being the second book in the Door Within trilogy, has even more action than the first book. More characters and settings are introduced and the world of The Realm is revealed from a totally different perspective with the introduction of the character of Antoinette. New locations also add to this book, including my particular favorite, the city of Yewland. This is a wonderful sequel that will appeal to readers of all ages.

  18. Uniting familiar characters with delightful new ones, “The Rise of the Wyrm Lord” chronicles the further adventures of Aidan Thomas as he readjusts to life in our world, the Mirror Realm, as well as detailing the journeys of headstrong Antoinette Reed. When the teenagers meet at school, they quickly discover a mutual love for King Eliam and his ways. Convinced that Antoinette is being called to the Realm, Aidan secures her promise to search for Robby’s Glimpse and persuade him to join them while he tries to persuade him in their own world. Never dreaming of the trouble it would cause, Antoinette gives her word and soon her adventures in the Realm begin.

    Like “The Door Within,” “The Rise of the Wyrm Lord” works with a broad cast of twelve knights, each with different strengths. This book introduces my favorite character, the herbmaster and pyromaniac knight Sir Oswyn. Batson manages to keep his main characters—both the Glimpses from each other and Antoinette from Aidan—very distinct so that we do not lose track of characters for the number of them.

    Teenagers who enjoy fantasy will love this second book in the Door Within trilogy. Woven within the fast-paced tale is a lesson of trust and obedience—and the consequences of ignoring wise counsel. The only problem with the book is that it is the middle of the sequence. The ending leaves one wanting more! And that is hardly a true problem.

  19. Wow. This book is great. Enough battles and peril to satisfy the adventure-lover, enough secrets to satisfy the mystery-lover, and enough coolness to satisfy the… well, cool-lover!

    All around great. Granted, some might see it as “just another fantasy book”, but it most certainly has characteristics that distinguish it from others in its genre.

    For instance, there is an unlikely connection between Earth and The Realm… but I won’t spoil that for you. :-D Also, there is a good dose of Biblical allegory, enough to inspire and appeal to Christian readers, yet not so much that the books would be termed “preachy” by most non-Christians. It would still be a marvelous book even without these themes.

    This is also a welcome addition to the book world because, by almost all standards, it is clean. I have tried many other fantasy tales and been sorely disappointed by inappropriate words and references.

    This book is emotional, as well. Beloved characters die, yet even in those times, there is hope…

    I will mention that its main downside would be, in my opinion, the fact that there were a grammar issues that I found distracting. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the plot and characters so much that I still am giving this book all five stars.

    Super-powered dragons, knights, damsels in distress, spies, sword duels, and wolvins. Find all this and more… if you dare to learn of the Rise of the Wyrm Lord.

    WARNING: As a fellow victim, I feel obligated to inform you: should you reach the end of this book, you will find yourself completely incapable of NOT reading the next one. You might as well order the Final Storm right now.

  20. The Rise of the Wyrm lord by Wayne Thomas Batson is the second book in this intriguing trilogy.
    In this book Aidan and Anntonette are the main characters.This christian fantasy is a wonderful sequel to The Door Within

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The Rise of the Wyrm Lord has characters that seem so real, a land that I could really understand, one that didn’t feel too foreign or too familiar. Genuinely creative ideas are placed throughout this book, with a good balance of drama and humor, even a splash of romance.

    Antoinette is a headstrong character with passion and strength, something that I’ve noticed many of the female characters in Mr. Batson’s book to posses. I really related to Antoinette perhaps more so than I did to Aidan because of the martial arts training, her tendency to make decisions on impulse, and the general way she acted in the story. Many girls will relate to the main character of this book.

    I also enjoyed the action and adventure in this book. There are many battles scenes, both triumphant and sorrowful, but not too gory or out-of-touch that the reader feels confused. The author keeps the reader turning the pages with his knowledgeable explanation of the characters actions.

    The writing style of this book is good, although not flawless. The speech of the characters at times seems too plain and sometimes seems to flowery. Characters seemed blurry, as if they shared the thoughts of other characters or had the same personality. However, as a person who enjoys writing, I know how hard it can be to pull of an epic story like this, and I commend Mr. Batson for a job well done.

    I highly recommend this book to fans of fantasy.

  22. Antoinette Reed must journey to Alleble and attempt to stop Paragor from unleashing the Wyrm Lord and the Seven Sleepers. The Wyrm Lord was imprisoned in a lake of lava a long, long time ago. On a diplomatic mission to save the Realm from certain destruction, she and her friends accidentally stumble on the Sepulcher of the Seven Sleepers where they lie buried under seven enormous trees. The Sleepers awake and attack while the Wyrm Lord is released by Paragor. In a climactic battle between Alleble and Paragory, Antoinette must unleash the twelfth knight within her. An exciting and climatic sequel to the Door Within, by Wayne Thomas Batson.

  23. This is the second book of a wondrous, thrilling, and page-turning series by Wayne Thomas Batson. In this, Antoinette Reed, a friend of Aidan Thomas, is called to Alleble by king Eliam the Everlasting. Once she arrives, she discovers that she must pass three tests to become a swordmaiden of the realm. She passes all three, and is dubbed Swordmaiden of Alleble. She also receives Gwenne’s old sword, Daughter of Light. Finally, Antoinette and a party of eleven others depart to Yewland, because messages from the queen show that Paragor is up to his trickery again, and is deceiving the Yewlanders. But will they even arrive to Yewland arrive? Passing Paragor’s forces and through the Blackwood, a dark and forbidding forest, will be no easy task. And even if they arrive, what next? Will Antoinette and her friends have the ability to stop Morgui from waking the Seven Sleepers and the Wyrm Lord before it is too late? Because if they fail, the fate of Alleble may change for the worse.

  24. Antoinette, after believing that Alleble exists all her life meets Aidan who knows how to get there. Finding out that she is needed there she goes on the adventure to put a stop to the rising of the Wyrm Lord. Will Paragor succeed? Can Antoinette stop him in the swirling of shadows and setbacks, or will she herself turn to the evil side?

  25. The Rise of the Wyrm Lord is an exciting book! With a suspenseful plot that doesn’t let up, a whole host of new characters, good and bad, and Wayne Batson’s usual expertise at writing, this book doesn’t get any better! I recommend this book to all book readers!

  26. Aiden is stuck back on Earth after finding that his best friend’s (Robby) double is on the side of Paragor in The Realm. At school, he meets a girl named Antoinette who also believes in King Eliam and The Realm. They hit it off, even fencing in her basement. When Aiden learns that Antoinette is called to Alleble, he enlists her help to rescue Robby’s double in the other world, saving his best friend on Earth. When she gets there, she finds that Alleble’s allies are mysteriously turning away from them.

  27. Rise Of The Wyrm Lord is a thrilling fast-moving fantasy-fiction book. The main characters are: Aidan Thomas, Antoinette Reed, and Robby Pierson. There is a rumor of a mystic creature, The Wyrm Lord! 
    this is a COOL book!
    Very touching book.
    recommended for ages 10 and up (I’m 9 though
    Awesome Book Wayne!

  28. A book by Wayne Thomas Batson, this book is the second book of a 3 book series. The first is The Door Within and the last is the Final Storm. I recommend all three for all readers.
     Aiden Thomas has returned from his death-defying adventures in Alleble and it’s time to start school. He meets but Antoinette, a girl extraordinaire. But wait! Robby, his best friend from Maryland is joining Paragor and his evil henchmen! Can Antoinette save him before he kills her? Even darker storms are on the horizon, rumors have it that the ancient Wyrm Lord has awoken! Paragor has brought to life a nightmare unheard of… The Rise of the Wyrm Lord!

  29. Warning, spoilers ahoy!
    I would definitely say that book 2 in The Door Within Trilogy is cool.   Here, Aidan (main hero who has been to Alleble and become a Knight in the service of King Eliam) meets Antoinette, the human double of the girl he *liked a lot* in Alleble.   At first he doesn’t recognize her because she is part of the ‘trench coat clan’ and has dyed her hair red.    That problem is quickly solved when they start sword-fighting in her backyard and she bloodies his nose.   After learning out all she can from him about Alleble, Antoinette is surprised to see Aelic, (Aidan’s Glimpse double) in a brief encounter in which he orders her to come to Alleble because she’s been called.
    So!   Antoinette promptly enters The Door Within and crosses the long bridge to Alleble, where she is chosen as the Twelfth Knight to go on a dangerous mission to the realm of Yewland, where Queen Illaria reigns and has begun threatening that her woodland kingdom of brave archers will join the ruthless and deadly Paragor and separate from Alleble.   All that Antoinette can think about, after a few harrowing scrapes in Yewland, is what Aidan told her before she left Earth: his best friend Robby’s Glimpse double had joined the enemy Paragor, which meant that his human double was in grave danger!   And Antoinette just saw Robby’s glimpse, a menacing young fellow called Kearn!   At the end of the book, we are faced with a troubling decision: will Antoinette stay in safety or will she pursue Kearn in hopes of rescuing him???   Find out in The Rise Of the Wyrm Lord, Book Two in The Door Within Series!

  30. I thought this book was a step up from the first. Some of the concepts were truly creepy. And one scene had me lost in the story, which doesn’t happen often for me.

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