The Water Horse

Our rating: ***½

After a storm hits the west coast of Scotland, eight-year-old Kirstie finds a strange thing on the beach. It looks like a giant mermaid’s purse. She and her younger brother Angus smuggle it home and into the bathtub, and soon it hatches into a strange creature. Their grandfather Grumble tells them it is a Water Horse and that this little creature eventually will grow to be fifty or sixty feet. And grow it does. Over three years it outgrows the goldfish pond and even the lochan nearby. Where will they put their beloved pet?

They name the Water Horse “Crusoe” and, especially when he’s younger, he’s a fun character, though he never says anything. A good book. The short, last chapter may give some of you a fun surprise when you read it. Kirstie is not always the kindest to her younger brother, but it’s not too bad.

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