Circles of Seven

Our rating: *****

Picking up several months after The Candlestone, Circles of Seven finds Billy and Bonnie about to enter an evil realm of seven circles. In the seventh circle Billy must set free some prisoners, but he knows that there are also false prisoners that must not be released. After he and Bonnie enter the circles, however, Professor Hamilton and his friends discover that the realm is filled with evil New Table knights. Convinced that it’s not fair for Billy and Bonnie to be alone while swarms of bad guys populate the realm, Ashley and Walter try to help in whatever ways they can from the outside.

Trust me, this one moves fast. It has to in order to fit such an in-depth story into 415 pages! As usual Billy and Bonnie get into danger left and right, making you sit farther on the edge of your seat than you already are. Don’t despair when it seems hopeless for the story to come to a happy ending, and you’ll be just fine. Make sure you have Tears of a Dragon close at hand when you finish Circles of Seven, because you’re going to want it.

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