Enoch’s Ghost

Our rating: ****½

Back in present day, Enoch’s Ghost continues from where the Dragons in Our Midst series left off. Ashley, Walter, Karen, and Thigocia are beginning their search for Gabriel and Makaidos. But it’s not long before a sinister plot is uncovered—Mardon is taking steps to merge Hades, Earth, and Heaven. Even with help from Sapphira Adi, Walter, Ashley, and the others are up against great odds. Multiple storylines grow and build, leading to a powerful climax across three dimensions.

I did enjoy this book, but I must admit that it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. Having persevered through the enormous Eye of the Oracle (and consequently feeling like I’d run my brain through a fruit pulper!) I was ready to get back to a present-day setting, with maybe a simpler plot and something I could actually wrap my mind around without strain. “A search for missing family members, with adventures along the way,” I told myself, settling in to read. Well, not quite. A lot of the history and technology from Eye of the Oracle ties into Enoch’s Ghost, and the results are far from simple. All told, it’s masterfully put together, and I’ll certainly be reading the final two books. I’m just finding the Oracles of Fire series to be a little too over the top for me to really enjoy as much.

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