The Saturdays

Our rating: ***

Every Saturday, the four Melendy children receive their allowance, but each child never has enough to do what he or she really wants to do. Mona, Rush, Randy (short for Miranda), and Oliver decide one rainy day to pool their resources, and the Independent Saturday Afternoon Adventure Club is formed. Each child gets a turn to use all the allowance money for whatever he or she wants. This arrangement is satisfying to everybody and the Melendys plan what exciting things they will do on their Saturdays.

The first of four books about the Melendys, The Saturdays is similar in style to The Moffats. I found The Saturdays to be not quite as good as the Moffat books, but still enjoyable to read. Later events in The Saturdays shift a little towards the unbelievable, almost as if the author wanted to put in some adventure and it didn’t quite fit. Nothing weird happens; the events just seem to get a little too coincidental. Overall, a good, simple story of four children growing up during the early 1940s.

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