The Moffats

Our rating: ****

The Moffats are very happy in their little yellow house on New Dollar Street. One day, a sign is put up saying that the house is for sale. After going to see the owner of the house, Mrs. Moffat discovers that it is not a mistake. While waiting for the house to be sold, the Moffats have many adventures. These include scaring the neighborhood bully, losing the Salvation Army man out of his own wagon and dancing the sailor’s hornpipe with a dog.

This book is a very good beginning to the four-book series about the Moffat family. Each chapter is a different adventure, sometimes only being connected by the main story line. That is not to say that the chapters don’t go together. In fact, ever since I first read the books in the Moffat series, they have been some of my favorite stories. I think that you will enjoy them too.

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