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Part of our Read-a-Thon 2010 highlight posts.

Some people know author Lloyd Alexander best for his Prydain Chronicles, a five-book series of Welsh-flavored fantasy adventures, but today we want to point out some of his other, perhaps less well known, masterpieces.

Time Cat

A very amusing medium length story told in classic Lloyd Alexander style. Memorable characters, humor all over the place, and a very fun concept. Good for all ages.

The Rope Trick

The Rope Trick is a little bit of a different flavor in fantasy. It’s set in an Italian or Madrid area and features a young lady with magical abilities. Older Readers.

The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio

Another out-of-the-ordinary fantasy, this one is set in the desert with plenty of camels, caravans, and treasure hunting. Older to Advanced Readers.

Lloyd Alexander has proven over and over that he is a master of first-person stories, and this book only adds to that reputation. Few people can spin a hilarious story as well as this while keeping elements of suspense and danger as sharp as possible.

Interested in more by Lloyd Alexander? Here’s a list of our reviews of his books.

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