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Eternity’s Edge

Our rating: *****

Despite all hinderances, Mictar’s scheme is rolling forward and Interfinity approaches—bringing with it destruction. Nathan and Kelly must renew their efforts to stop the evil stalker, but there is already so much to repair, and Nathan’s parents still need rescuing. With the help of their friends, they travel between the dimensions to put a complex plan into action. Mysteries abound, new pieces of the puzzle come into play, and Nathan is faced with increasingly difficult choices.

The setup of the multiple dimensions and multiple characters in the first book, Beyond the Reflection’s Edge, serves to keep you oriented during Eternity’s Edge, but you’ll still need to keep your wits about you to stay on top of the twists and turns of this roller-coaster of a book. It really is incredible, and I enjoyed just as much—if not more—than I did the trilogy’s starter. I love the way music continues to tie into the story, and some of the new explored places are fascinating. But the characters are what really keep me reading. Can’t wait for the conclusion to be found in upcoming Nightmare’s Edge!

The Thief Lord

Our rating: ***

Prosper and Bo are orphans. Their aunt Esther wants to adopt Bo, but not Prosper, so the boys run away to Venice to escape being separated. There they join a gang of other orphaned children, led by a boy who calls himself The Thief Lord. Things get interesting when a strange man commissions the kids to steal a wooden wing for him, and Esther hires a detective to track down her nephews.

At first glance this story is quite simplistic. But wait until you get about a hundred pages in, and you have a very complex book in your hands. Nothing is really as it seems here. Unfortunately, near the end the story takes a completely unexpected turn toward fantasy, which while interesting and clever, is also confusing without any foreshadowing. Other than that, though, The Thief Lord is worth reading.

Freddy and Simon the Dictator

Our rating: ****

When a young rabbit talks back to Mr. Bean, Freddy and Jinx know something’s up. When they follow the clues to a rebellious meeting of animals bent on taking over New York, they realize something is terribly wrong. But Freddy is unable to do anything right away, since his old friend Mr. Camphor needs help getting out of a nomination for governor. Then when he gets back, Jinx has turned traitor! Freddy has his hands full as the revolution begins…

Freddy and Simon the Dictator could possibly be one of the funniest Freddy books ever written! In this day and age, the political satire is welcome and hilarious. As the comedy continues, the story warps into perhaps the most sinister plot Walter Brooks ever wrote for Freddy, but the light-hearted humor is still around. As is always the case with these books, the person reading aloud will have more fun than the child being read to.

The Golden Goblet

Our rating: ****½

Ranofer, a young Egyptian boy, wants nothing more than to become a goldsmith like his father was. But his cruel half-brother Gebu has other plans, and soon Ranofer is bound to a dreary life in the stonecutter’s shop. When suspicious acts of Gebu’s turn up, though, Ranofer—with the help of his only two friends, Heqet and The Ancient One—determines to prove Gebu guilty. Dangers await, but Ranofer is willing to risk everything for his freedom.

The Golden Goblet impressed me as a very good book. It’s easy to get caught up in Ranofer’s plight, sympathizing with him and wondering how it will turn out. It also provides a neat look into ancient Egypt and what things were like then, yet it does so without distracting from the story at all. I’d say it’s an excellent read, and definitely worthwhile.

Beyond the Reflection’s Edge

Our rating: *****

When his spy father and musical mother are found dead and he has to go into a witness protection program, Nathan Shepherd is left with only a few clues about what happened to his parents. A mysterious mirror in a strange box left him in his father’s will leads Nathan to the conclusion that his parents are really alive. But with this realization comes the discovery of some very weird parallel universes (yes, I did say universes), dragging Nathan and his new friend/sister Kelly into a mystery which only becomes more complicated as they unravel it.

Because of the complexities of the plot, you’ll have to stay focused to finish Beyond the Reflection’s Edge. It really is so complicated, intriguing, and fast-paced that I couldn’t stop thinking about the story, even when I wasn’t reading it. The characters come across as very real, and Nathan especially inspired me in a positive way. This is definitely a new entry on my favorites list, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the next one!