The Forest Runners

Our rating: ****

Henry Ware and his friend Paul Cotter from Wareville are delivering some gunpowder to a settlement called Marlowe. On the way, Paul is captured by Shawnee Indians and then rescued by Henry. Henry and Paul are followed by the Shawnee Indians to an abandoned house. They escape from the Indians and meet up with some of their friends.

This book is one of the better ones of Joseph Altsheler’s books. The Forest Runners moves quickly for most of the book.

The Guns of Bull Run

Our rating: ***½

This book starts at the beginning of the Civil War. Harry Kenton is sent by his father, a prominent person in Kentucky, to tell the South Carolina leaders that Kentucky will follow it out of the Union. When Harry Kenton arrives in South Carolina, he delivers his message and soon after joins the Southern army. 

Out of Altsheler’s books that I’ve read, this is the one I’ve liked the least. It’s a little slow moving throughout the book. One interesting thing is that The Guns of Bull Run focuses on what is happening in the South.

The Riflemen of the Ohio

Our rating: *****

This book begins when a fleet of boats comes from New Orleans carrying supplies to settlers in Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, the Indians are rallying together to drive all settlers from their land. The Indians attack the fleet while it is in the narrow areas on the Ohio River. The fleet has to force their way through to help a settlement in time, after being told by Henry Ware that it was in danger.

I liked this book for two reasons. Because I like books with adventure in them, and this book is the sequel to Kentucky Frontiersmen.

Kentucky Frontiersmen

Our rating: ****

This book takes place in 1700’s Kentucky, which is called “Kain-tuck-ee” by characters in the book. Henry and those who live at the settlement of Wareville need to clear the land to plant fields. But they need food while their crops are growing. There are plenty of animals to hunt so they hunt for food. After three years, Shawnee Indians attack the settlement. The settlers drive off the Indians and decide to follow them to continue the battle.

I liked this book because I like books with adventure in them. I enjoyed the whole book a lot. It even has a sequel called The Riflemen of the Ohio.