The Legend of Luke

Our rating: ***

Martin the Warrior goes on a quest, along with mousethief Gonff and Foremole Dinny, to discover what happened to his Father, Luke the Warrior. Meanwhile, the others at Redwall are still building the abbey.

I would say that this is my least favorite of the Redwall books. The style of writing that the fans will have come recognize is almost absent. It also has two different stories: The story of the quest of Martin, and the story of Luke the Warrior. Because of that, neither story is as long as any Redwall fan would expect. Other than that, it’s a good and enjoyable read.

3 Responses to “The Legend of Luke”

  1. i really enjoyed this book; i thought it was very good! i loved learning the story of martin’s father because i have always wondered about that.

  2. i think that this book is probobly one of my favorite books of the redwall series. i think it’s unique how Jacques tells two stories at the same time and i eminsually enjoy the tale of Martin’s father,Luke.
    A great read for all ages! :)

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