Freddy and the Space Ship

Our rating: ***½

There’s trouble at the Bean farm! Mr. Bismuth and his family have moved in. They’re doing a lot of damage but the Beans can’t throw them out because Mrs. Bismuth is Mrs. Bean’s cousin! While that’s going on, Uncle Ben completes his space ship and, along with Freddy the pig, Georgie the dog, Jinx the cat, Charles the rooster, and Mrs. Peppercorn, they set out on a trip to Mars. Then, when Mrs. Peppercorn accidentally throws them off course, they’re knocked off to a strange planet inhabited by dangerous Martians!

Very enjoyable! Mrs. Peppercorn is also in other books, such as Freddy and the Dragon, and Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars.

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  1. Freddy at his best!

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