Our rating: ****

Martha is a young hare living at Redwall with her brother Horty. While Horty is a normal hare, who likes adventure and eating better than anything else, Martha is mild mannered and cannot walk. When one of the mice living at Redwall uncovers a book telling about a cure at the ancient abbey of Loamhedge that could make Martha walk, Horty and two of his friends, as well as two older warriors who left Redwall long ago set out for Loamhedge. Will they find the cure?

Brian Jacques’ sixteenth Redwall book is one of the better ones. The only thing I don’t completely like about this one is the only Badger Lord who uses a bow as his main weapon. I don’t think that a heroic Badger Lord should stand on the sidelines shooting arrows! Other than that, the rest of the book is great. This story answers several of the questions that are raised in Mattimeo. What happened to Loamhedge after it was destroyed? Was there only one wearat?

3 Responses to “Loamhedge”

  1. What a great story! This comes as close to being my favorite Redwall book as it possibly can. (Of course, my favorite Redwall book changes on an irregular basis.) Horty is great, he has a marching song that I actually memorized, I liked it so much. “Likkle Bubbub” the lizard is so cute! Please read this one, it’s not to be missed.

  2. im actually reading this one right now, and i love it. ive read it a couple times before and its always a treat! its one of the really “homey…cozy type” redwall books. its great!

  3. An excellent book. The whole wearet thing was rather creepy!

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